Oyster reviews: tour of Japan

JapanHonestly the trip is AMAZING. The wonderful sites, the kind people, the night life, food and drink. Also I cannot get over how cheap Tokyo was. Ive not left yet but I cant wait to come back already. The Hostels have acceded everyone expectations. They’re so nice some of them seem more like hotels. Also I cannot praise Shana enough she is a fantastic tour guide. She is always willing to help but also great to hang out with on her chill time. Ive also been lucky with the group of people Ive been with as we all get on so well.
Thank you so much for this wonderful experience”

Lauren, August 2018

Japan tour“My feedback is overall very positive. I had a great experience and made some good friends on the way. The organised tour gave me the opportunity to see locations and do more activities than I would have seen or done I had been gone on my own.
The tour took off the pressure of transportation and kept the schedule of activities on the clock, which is great if you want to make the most of your time.
The team leader Nao was fantastic and has done a super job in coordinating and looking after the group.
It’s been a fantastic experience that I would very much recommend to friends.”

Francesca, March 2018


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