Oyster Elephant Volunteering Reviews: Volunteering with elephants in Sri Lanka

Read elephant volunteering reviews from Oyster participants from the fantastic Sri Lanka project:

Elephants drink at a bathing hole“Great adventure – so glad I did it! Obviously, observing the elephants in the wild was the biggest highlight, but it was also so interesting to learn about the results of their research and how they are putting strategies in place to help resolve the human elephant conflict.”

Lauren, 2 weeks, September 2018

Volunteer spots elephants in the wild in Sri Lanka“What a wonderful adventure. Digging holes for orange trees, rebuilding homes, setting cameras, teaching English at the school and walking through streams looking for pug marks, waiting for the elephants in the tree hut and down by the water tank… Each staff member is kind, helpful, and willing to answer any and all questions.. I am grateful for my time spent here, the experience of sharing this time with others from around the world, and the challenges I faced and overcame”

Shai River, 2 weeks, June 2018

Volunteers monitor elephants in the wild in Sri Lanka“The two weeks that I have had here have been hands down two of the best I’ve had. From inspecting dung all the way up to some truly magical experiences observing the elephants in the wild, I could not have asked for more from my time here. As a lifelong elephant-lover, to observe them in their natural environment was incredible. But I also feel I have learnt a lot about human elephant conflict and appreciate how vital resolving this is to the conservation of the creatures I hold so dear.”

Sophie Omer-Mcwalter, 2 weeks, May 2018

An Oyster volunteer helps to collect data on wild elephants in Sri Lanka“I’ve enjoyed all the activities and learnt a lot both about elephants and Sri Lankan birds. The highlight of my stay was seeing 60 – 70 elephants including baby elephants and a fully grown splendid male. It’s a memory that will stay with me for a long long time. I’ve enjoyed meeting so many people from round the world and have been heartened by the passion for conservation of both volunteers and staff. It’s been a splendid trip!”

Barbara Boylan, 4 weeks, February 2018

A mother and baby elephant graze in Sri Lanka“I cannot begin to describe what an amazing time I had on the project. The staff were amazing and tireless in providing information to assist with the work we were required to do. It was a dream trip: fence monitoring to tank monitoring, setting camera and sand traps, elephant dung transects ( which sadly we found on one occasion to contain 6 pieces of plastic carrier bags and an open safety pin), elephant observation and data collection and wading through rivers collating data for paw prints for jungle and river cats. The scenery was incredible and I have to go back. The highlight was observing 22 elephants for 2 hours, one evening.”

Julie Marshman, 2 weeks, January 2018

Elephants enjoy their freedom in the wild in Sri Lanka“I am very happy about this trip, it was really enlightening and I met lots of amazing people there. I loved getting to know the elephants and their habits, I also found it really interesting to know the villagers’ point of views on the elephants. We were very well surrounded, the locals who accompanied us were experienced and very nice.

Laure-Hélène Revaclier, 4 weeks, July 2017

Sri Lanka elephant on the road“There are no words for what I have experienced. Everything over there was much simpler and discovering the culture and the wildlife was something that I will treasure for the rest of my life!
Everything was very well organised. Arriving in a new country is always stressful but I felt like I knew that everything would work out and I knew what I was doing.”

Ruth Cook, 4 weeks, July 2017

P1030353“I loved the accommodation, and the people running and participating in the scheme were really friendly. I learnt a lot. It was really great to meet like-minded people who care about animals and enjoy integrating themselves within new cultures. I loved seeing the elephants in the wild and talking to the local people about their experiences. The volunteering scheme enables you to meet people and learn first-hand about issues which you would never have the opportunity to learn about otherwise. I would really recommend it to people who are looking to travel alone for the first time as you meet people on the programme and can then organise trips with them at the weekend.”

Rebecca Dale-Everett 2 weeks, August 2016

review“It is very enlightening – you get to hear the community views about conflict with wildlife, and you get to collect data for scientific research.”

Alexandra  Johnson 2 weeks, July 2016

web“My time in Sri Lanka was one of the most incredible experiences of my life! The people who work for the conservation project are absolutely wonderful, and I really enjoyed interacting with the other volunteers. I would have easily been able to stay another month, although I don’t know that I could manage to eat curry for that much longer! I think I might have left my heart behind in Sri Lanka and I will definitely return someday, hopefully in the near future. Everything at home is going well, although I’m already planning my next escape! Thanks for everything. I felt incredibly prepared and safe during my trip thanks to you guys! I would recommend you to anyone who is looking to volunteer.”

Adria Otto 4 weeks, March 2016


“We have reached our last day at the field house – it has been amazing and everything I hoped it would be. The organisation of transfers has been amazing, which we are very grateful for. We were met punctually and loved the train ride to Kandy, where we were met and taken by car to the field house. We have enjoyed the field work which is structured to the interests of the volunteers, which makes it feel like a holiday. The people here are lovely too! We have seen elephants on several occasions, and the magic of seeing them in their natural environment is an amazing unique experience! Eve has loved it and has coped really well. We have both praised Oyster’s efficiency and support in making this trip possible, and will definitely be booking further adventures in the future. Many thanks for everything.”

Rachel and Eve Watson 2 weeks, March 2016


web 1“I had an amazing time in Sri Lanka and I think the programme is great. All the people who work there are so friendly and there was a really laid-back atmosphere. I also met some really friendly volunteers. I’m so glad I found your website!”

Phoebe Baker 4 weeks, February 2016

web“I had a great time. Getting to see so many elephants up close and in the wild was amazing. Thanks for everything, you’ve been very helpful.”

Paul Moxen 3 weeks, January 2016

“Yesterday, I could see the nice lake with the sun rising – beautiful. Morning work was webto build a beehive fence around a farmhouse and by midday we were ready with it. Just the bees are missing! In the afternoon, we were watching elephants at the dump, and we were lucky to see at last three different bulls. So you see, I’m having a great time here! Thank you for the good organisation and preparation for this project!”

Gerlinde Müller 2 weeks, November 2015

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