Find out what our Oyster volunteers have said about their time volunteering with kids in Romania in these Oyster reviews

Brasov looks beautiful under the winter snow“I had a great experience being in Brasvo. I learned a lot about myself, and how much I still have to learn! I enjoyed working in the childrens hospital with Cami. She is very good at her job, listening with compassion and care for the kids. The daycare center is an incredible program to help children. There wasn’t one child in there that lacked respect or desire to be there. Razvan was a spirited and knowledgeable. He never let me down and made me feel safe. Thank you!”

Nicole, 2 weeks January 2019

Medieval Brasov“Razvan went above and beyond with the help he gave me in organising the different projects and also helping with organising trips for us in our spare time. The location of the apartment was perfect and felt very safe. The local people that I worked with were so friendly and I loved working with them and the children.”

Francine, 4 weeks August 2019

“It’s going brilliantly and I’m having a great time! The hospital was great and next week I am going to a family home. The other volunteers are lovely and Razvan has been so welcoming and helpful! It truly has been fantastic so far and I can’t wait for the next experience!”

Claire, 3 weeks August 2018

Care for children in Romania“I really liked being able to spend time with children of all ages. This project is great for those who really enjoy spending time with children.”

Rachel, 4 weeks May 2017

blog“Very well organised from both London and Romania. Oyster staff have been great.”

Ann, 2 weeks June 2016

Childcare volunteering“My time in Brasov was amazing. The accommodation was perfect as well – the location is amazing! I honestly can say wholeheartedly that my trip to Brasov was absolutely wonderful, I wouldn’t change a thing. All the information you’ve sent me – before and after the placement – have been so informative and super helpful, and it’s just made the trip so easy and stress free. I will definitely recommend Oyster to all my friends, and when I get a chance, I hope I can go on many more placements with Oyster.”

Helen, 4 weeks November 2014

Romania childcare project“Romania was absolutely AMAZING!!! I am SO glad I did this and it was the best month ever. It was just perfect for me and I would so love to do it again 🙂 and yes I do miss the kids! They are all really special and I loved my time with them. And Oyster right from the start and all the way through has been so great. Thank you so much! It was everything I imagined and was hoping for and more. All the other volunteers and Razvan were so great and I miss them all already!”

Megan, 4 weeks November 2014

Childcare volunteering“My brother and I were privileged to take part in one of the most informative, interesting and well-designed programs either of us have ever experienced. We were introduced to 6 medical and social welfare organizations and offered unique opportunities with each group. From adolescent orphanages to outpatient medical NGOs, troubled juvenile centres to end of life care inpatient units, the number and variety of contacts that Oyster and Razvan have maintained provides a staggering array of volunteer choices.”

Eric and Jack, 3 weeks August 2014

Childcare volunteering in Romania“Romania was amazing – I didn’t want to leave! Highlights included making the kids smile and spending time with them, taking some of the kids from the orphanage out on trips (which they cannot do very often) and learning about Romanian culture and trying traditional Romanian food. There is a real need for volunteers to help out the carers as they are so understaffed. Thanks for everything you’ve done.”

Hannah, 8 weeks May 2014

“I had an Volunteer with kids in Romaniaabsolutely amazing time in Romania! I miss it so much! The childcare project in Romania is amazing. It’s such a great way to see a beautiful country whilst really doing some good. The children of Brasov really appreciate any time and effort you put in to helping them, and the town is so beautiful. It’s the best way to see a very underrated country. Thanks for all your help, it couldn’t have happened without you!”

Ashlan, 2 months October 2013

Volunteer with kids in Romania“I would highly recommend volunteering in Romania with the children, it’s a worthwhile cause that not only benefits the kids, but the volunteers as well.”

Alison, 4 weeks October 2013

Volunteer with kids in Romania“The best bit about this project was, of course, working with the kids. Romania is a beautiful country with gorgeous mountains and views. This trip was an opportunity to experience a new culture, as well as experience working with children and young adults.”

May, 4 weeks August 2013

Volunteer with kids in Romania“I loved it so much. I am hoping to go and visit everyone next year in my holidays as I miss the children and Romania itself. It is such a beautiful country, I didn’t want to leave and come home!”

Emily, 5 months April 2013

“Wow what Volunteer with kids in Romaniaa great day! I have met some of the most incredible children ever! And learnt a teeny tiny bit of Romanian too. So glad I’m here. Oh it’s lovely here! The kids are fantastic, more of a challenge then the children in my class at home though! They are very boisterous, and I’m still finding it a bit of a shock how little they have!”

Gemma, 5 weeks August 2012

Volunteer with kids in Romania“The project was at times challenging, but overall an absolutely great experience. I learnt a lot and the trip was very much an eye opener for me. I bonded really well with the children at the orphanage and was very sad to say goodbye! I would like to return in the future and/or do some fundraising for the kids there. The poverty in which the kids live has really inspired me to think about doing this.”

Rob, 4 weeks July 2012

“There is no dVolunteer with kids in Romaniaenying that my Romania experience was one of the most challenging things I have ever done, yet, it was also the most rewarding. Working with the children was truly enriching and I feel that I have walked away having learnt many valuable lessons in life. I was extremely impressed, and am so grateful to Razvan and Oyster for all the continual support they offered me before and during my trip.”

Ellie, 4 weeks August 2011

“I had a grCare for kids in Romaniaeat time in Romania. I made some nice friends with the kids, with some staff and with some others that Razvan linked me in with. I know that I personally really appreciated the opportunity to just hang out with the kids and build relationships (even without common language!). They were beautiful and enriched my life in that short time. The experience has been wonderful.”

Reima, 4 weeks June 2011

“The best pChildcare volunteering Romaniaart of the placement was being able to see the kids laugh and smile – especially at Codlea. Also seeing Flori progress in her walking and seeing Marian slowly being able to hold his head up for longer!”

Hannah, 3 months July 2008

Volunteer with kids in Romania“I had the best few months of my life in Romania and I definitely want to go back. I never expected to love Brasov quite so much. My brother came out for my birthday weekend and he didn’t want to leave! I really, really miss the place and the people and want to say thank you so much for letting me have this opportunity. I am most proud of this picture of me and Ionut, who I played with every morning.”

Jenny, 3 months July 2008

“The children I Childcare volunteering in Romaniaworked with are unforgettable; I shall always remember their smiles, and their resilience to whatever was thrown their way. It was due to the volunteers that a 4 year old girl with Down’s syndrome learned to walk. I was lucky enough to see her first steps; I can’t explain how this was, I don’t think I’ve ever done something so worthwhile. It was one of the best experiences of my life.”

Annie, 3 months January 2008

“MyOrphanages volunteering Romania time in Romania taught me so much; I made new friends and learnt new life skills that have proved invaluable in new jobs and difficult situations. I will definitely be making every effort to return as soon as possible!”

Laura, 3 months August 2007

Volunteering with kids in Romania“There is a great choice of placements and this means that volunteers can use their skills as well as challenging themselves. The programme is excellent and flexible enough to keep volunteers using the best of their abilities. Oyster had flight, living and work arrangements efficiently organised. It’s no surprise that so many people return to Romania and with Oyster. I definitely will.”

Tasmin, 3 months April 2007

For more information about this project, check out our volunteering with kids in Romania web page on the Oyster Worldwide website.

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