Oyster workers in the Outback herding cattle



One of our Oyster Outback workers, Carwyn Wenner, who headed out to the to do our paid work in Australia Outback programme in October, updates us on life after the training farm. Thanks Carwyn 🙂

“I’m on a ranch in north New South Wales working as a farm hand. The work here is really interesting, im doing all kinds of things and learning alot on the way. The weather here is crazy, one minute it will be 42 degrees and within 15 minutes there’s a massive (and I mean seriously big) thunder and lightning storm going on with massive fork lightning making the quarters (my accommodation) shake. but 90% of the time its 33 degrees and above and its only getting hotter! A question a lot of you are asking is how am I coping with Snakes and Spiders. The answer is surprisingly well, I’ve come across plenty of snakes and spiders and even had a 6 foot king brown snake in my room, under my bed! (courtesy of the truck drivers, thankfully it was already dead). I’ve seen Redback and Huntsmen running and bouncing about and there was one in my shower like in the movies, walking across my shower rail.

There has been a lot of rain recently.Today I had a trip in a helicopter to see the extent of the flood from the air.  The flood has washed away the road to town so they don’t think we will be able to get to town for a fortnight or so. (maybe more helicopter trips for me) I’m just getting ready for the rugby today, its on at 1:30 in the morning here so i have special late start to work tomorrow. Will be staying here for Christmas and heading to Byron Bay in early January.”

If you are interested indoing some paid farm work out in the Australian Outback, check out our paid work and training farm webpage for more information or contact Anne on [email protected]

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