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Every year people ask us about how income tax refunds from Canada work. Here we will answer all you need to know about Canadian taxes and getting a Canada tax refund!

The tax year in Canada runs from 1st January to 31st December. While working in Canada you will pay between 15% -29% tax on your earnings. Oyster has partnered up with tax refund specialists to help you with your tax refunds.

Free Tax Refund Estimation will give all Oyster Canada workers a FREE tax refund estimation. This will tell you in minutes how much tax you are due back. operate under a no refund-no fee basis so it will cost you nothing to find out if you’re due a refund.

Get a tax refund customers on average receive a refund of $904 (based on 12 months of work).To apply for your tax refund now simply register here. Then download and complete a tax pack. Send your completed tax pack along with a copy of your T4 (End of year tax document) and a copy of some ID to [email protected]

Any questions?
Speak to to the professionals by emailing [email protected] or contact their tax refund team 24/7 via their Live Chat Service.

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