Conservation volunteering in AustraliaConservation volunteering in Australia’s western sunshine

Western Australia is renowned for its long days of sunshine, brilliant beaches and stunning scenery. The capital of the region, Perth, gets more hours of sunshine than any other Australian capital city. The region boasts over 12,000km of crystal clear coastline and more than 70 national parks. In addition to the beautiful coastline restoration programmes, this region is also the home to vast area of rugged Outback.

Gateway cities here are Perth and Broome.

Some examples of the conservation volunteering in Australia’s western regions are:

  • Turtle conservation: from the Broome starting point, volunteers concentrate on turtle projects combined with a range of other conservation activities. Volunteers help with tracking and monitoring turtles, whilst also helping to protect and restore some of the beautiful outback parks and reserves.
  • Bird protection: volunteers can help to rehabilitate bird parks and nature reserves which are important for providing shelter, breeding and feeding grounds to local and migratory birds.
  • Wetland conservation: volunteers can help with planting in wetlands to stabilise the banks of the lakes, improve water quality and create habitat for birds. This dramatically increases biodiversity in the wetlands.
  • Nature reserve protection: volunteers work in areas of outstanding flora and fauna helping to prevent erosion, restore dunes and maintain the breeding pens at the captive breeding centre.

No one project is guaranteed, as they take place when there is a need for the help. You will help out in at least two different types of conservation projects over a one month period however, so you will see some of the beautiful sites that this area has to offer.

For more information about out gap year conservation volunteering in Australia programme, have a look here at conservation volunteering. There is also information about the other places in Australia that you could take part in this!

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