Oyster are delighted to announce our great new programme running in Sydney. Check it out to know all about the paid work gap year in Sydney information!


You and your group arrive in Sydney. You will catch a transfer bus to the Wake Up hostel in central Sydney-the perfect location for exploring and really getting to know the city!


We think that it is best to get all the compulsory admin done and dusted before the fun and the job hunting can start in earnest. You will meet the team on the ground in Sydney, who will tell you loads more about the coming weeks and get you sorted with your bank account and your tax file number. They will also tell you loads more about jobs and travelling in Oceania.

Once all the nitty gritty is sorted out, there is a great orientation walking tour of the city- find out where all the Sydney highlights are located, including the Circular Quay, Sydney Harbour Bridge, the Opera House and the Botanic Gardens.

That evening you and the group will all head out to dinner to welcome you all toSydney. One drink included with your dinner. 


See Sydney Harbour from the water on a great cruise, followed by a long cliff-top walk and swimming at the gorgeous Aussie beaches.


One of the major highlights of the first week starts today: three days and two nights at a Sydney beach escape. Located to the north of Sydney, the area is reputed for stunning beaches, sand dunes and an abundance of Aussie wildlife- watch out for kangaroos and koalas! You will be staying in 6 acres of lush rainforest, just five minutes walk to the beach.

Spend the day exploring, watching for dolphins and whales, swimming and chilling out at the beach before a hearty pizza dinner. Look out for the possums!


Have a hearty breakfast before hopping into a 4WD and heading up into the sand dunes to explore and try out some sand boarding! The informative guides will tell you loads more about Aboriginal culture and take you through the Tomaree National park- there’s a chance you will see koalas chilling in the treetops and migrating whales (May – November!)

Have a barbecue and drinks around the campfire as darkness sets in.


After breakfast head out to sea on an amazing dolphin watching cruise- get up close to wild bottlenose dolphins, and maybe some turtles and whales. Hit the beach for a final swim before heading back to Sydney.


Spend a day at your leisure before a night time tour of Sydney! This includes speedy entrance into five bars with five drinks included.


Take the famous Coogee to Bondi walk and check out six beaches along the way! Grab a beer in Bondi before heading back to the city. It’s the perfect way to unwind after an awesome first week in Sydney!


After a hectic and fun first week, the job hunting starts in earnest today! There’s a great info session to help with job applications. Check out what sort of accommodation is available to you in Sydney after your time on the programme by meeting up with local estate agents and seeing some places. Some people choose to stay on at the hostel, whereas others like to move into house and flat shares.

Do a cocktail course to help you get some more experience for working a bar job!


Today you will do your Responsible Service of Alcohol course- a legal requirement in Australia that is essential for finding bar and waiting work!

Wednesday – Friday

Get help with your job hunt- apply for jobs, attend interviews and get help with your CV and interview technique


You can join in the Coogee to Bondi walk again if you would like, or just chill out. Saturday is another good day for job hunting too!


End of the programme.

4 responses to “Gap year in Sydney programme
  1. Hello, my friend and I read about the gap year in sidney programme and were interested but it doesn’t mention the costs. Could you tell us more about it, please? The idea is to get a job only in august and visit a little of the country at the same time. we are english teachers. We appreciate any help that you can give us.

  2. Hello,
    I am looking around for different programs helping with working holidays and what not. Your program sounds really good, especially with the long introduction week. One thing I wonder about is the work. Everyone know its hard to get jobs, how do your members get a job within a week? My experience have been that it take weeks if not months to get jobs.

    1. Hi Erica
      Thanks very much for your comment and interest in our Sydney program. When people arrive in Sydney we sign them up with a leading recruitment agency. In terms of getting a job within the first week, this is certainly a possibility if you work hard and push yourself forward. In Sydney there are lots of opportunities available for travelers looking for short term jobs.
      You can find out more on our Sydney webpage.

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