Serve Legal LogoAre you aged 18-19 and looking to earn money to finance your gap year? If so, take a look at Serve Legal and consider becoming one of their ‘visitors’ for part of your gap year. This looks like a great way to earn money for your gap year and boost your CV with something a little different.

Who are Serve Legal?
Serve Legal are a mystery shopping company who perform tests on age restricted products all over the UK and offer flexible work to those who are aged 18-19. They have over 1,500 visitors all over the UK travelling the country to help protect businesses. They also operate in Australia and are always on the look out for young and enthusiastic people who might want to work for them on their gap year! They pride themselves on ethical business, fair pay and giving back and are big supporters of the charity Adfam who support families affected by drug and alcohol abuse.

What does the job involve?
Serve Legal’s visitors spend their days buying age restricted products and testing age restricted services. In simple terms, they place bets , buy alcohol, cigarettes and anything else that should not be sold to people under the age of 18 to help businesses who operate challenge 21/25 policies. After performing tests visitors are required to fill out relatively short and simple reports making comments on customer service, who served them and most importantly whether or not their ID was checked.

Lets talk money.
The pay for visits ranges, dependant upon the product and services that are being tested. The average visit pays somewhere between £6.75 and £8.00. However, some visits can pay upto £25 and you might even find yourself getting a free £50 online shop! If your keen and willing to go the extra mile there’s also bonuses up for grabs. They also pay travel expenses whether it’s mileage, bus fairs, train tickets or any other way you find yourself travelling to complete visits. It’s a great way of making some extra cash to support your gap year and/or your studies.

How do I apply?
Application is quick and simple. Visit the Serve Legal website at and fill out their online application form which consists of a few simple questions. Finally upload a picture of yourself and your passport to confirm your age and hey presto money making time.

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