Oyster reviews: Medical internship in India

Find out how our Oyster medical interns have got on in India:

“Thank you for coordinating with me over the last few trips. I really enjoyed Palampur and believed the rural experience was much better than going to a busy city. I also enjoyed the independence I felt travelling abroad myself and meeting new people who I became very close to. I think it’s a good preparation for university where you have to share rooms with people you’ve never met before. “

Ayesha, Palampur 2 week medical experience July 2018

India“It was an amazing tip and I really enjoyed the experience. Everything was good and as expected and I had an amazing ti,e. The highlight was making great friends and seeing a birth.”

Kathryn, Palampur 2 week medical experience July 2018

“Wow that was an amazing experience for Kathryn travelling to Palampur – something she will never forget. Thank you so much for all your organisation. For Kathryn this was such a huge experience. Thank you so much.”

Parent of Kathryn, Palampur 2 week medical experience July 2018


“A great trip that was well planned and organised. A good experience from start to finish. The highlights were meeting the other people and becoming lifelong friends with some of them. Being able to appreciate how the medical system in another country can be so different to our own. Thank you!”

Alice, Palampur 2 week medical experience July 2018

Medical interns at Taj Mahal

I learnt a lot and got to see how the Indian health care service works. Watching surgery was a highlight. Thank you so much for this amazing experience”

Gemma, Palampur 2 week medical experience July 2017

Interns in India“Visiting the Taj Mahal and the Lotus temple were real highlights. I enjoyed experiencing a completely different culture, learning about a different medical system. Thank you!”

Iona, Palampur 2 week medical experience July 2017

indian wedding“Initially, I was unsure what to expect but everything went well.I enjoyed meeting new people and working in a different environment from the UK.”

Joe, Palampur 2 week medical experience July 2017

India medical interns“Loved visiting India for the first time and seeing the differences. I enjoyed meeting other interns and making friends”

George, Palampur 2 week medical experience July 2017

India medical“It was fantastic getting to know more people who had similar interests I had a great time and made life-long memories!”

Lissie, Palampur 2 week medical experience July 2017

Dinner in Palampur“I learnt a lot form the doctors at the hospitals, especially watching the surgeries.”

Gargi, Palampur 2 week medical experience July 2017

Interns in Palampur“It was great having the opportunity to witness two surgeries and find out about different diseases through shadowing doctors.”

Farah, Palampur 2 week medical experience July 2017

Medical internsip in Palampur“The reps were all very friendly and Palampur was a beautiful place to stay. I had an amazing time. Thank you!!”

Claudia, Palampur 2 week medical experience July 2017

intern in Palampur“I was impressed by the care and attention of the staff and also with the pre-trip contact provided by Sarah hand the Oyster team .The Delhi cultural tour and the Taj Mahal visit were a highlight and it was good working in the hospitals and clinics, especially when the interns got to access the operating theatre.”

Jonathan (Oyster Leader), Palampur 2 week medical experience July 2017

Charline with our rep in Delhi on her medical internship“This project is a big opportunity to grow up, to improve yourself, to realize how this country is very spiritual, has great respect for nature and animals and respect and tolerance about others. It’s a trip that will teach you a lot about life”

Charline 5 weeks, Delhi July 2017

ed wiltshire welcome dinner india“I thoroughly enjoyed seeing all the different aspects of the Indian health system, from general practitioners, to surgery, minor and major.”


Ed 4 weeks, Palampur April 2017

“Very good – made very good friends and learnt a fair deal as well. The on-project staff were very funny and insightful.”


Priyal 6 weeks, Palampur May 2017

Medical volunteer at Indian airport

“Initially I struggled to settle in at the hospital but once I made this known the hospital team where so supportive. They encouraged me to participate in all aspects of emergency care and even took me out socially. I was made to feel part of the family and learnt so much from the doctors.The Oyster staff were so helpful and got the answer to all my questions, no matter how silly they were. Everything was done in a timely manner and the support from the staff in India was brilliant.The support provided before and during the programme was brilliant. No question went unanswered and the staff knew what was going on.It is so hard to be specific as I had such an amazing time. I loved becoming part of the team. The staff in India gave a great tour of Delhi and are so enthusiastic about their country/religion. I went to a temple in Amritsar which was absolutely crazy with tunnels and mirrored walls. Aksherdam temple in Delhi was amazing, especially when we went in the evening for the water show – that is something not to miss.Thank you for creating such an amazing 6 weeks. I have not felt so accepted by people for a long time and have made so many friendships that I was sad to have to leave.”

Sarah 6 weeks, Delhi March 2017


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