Find out more about what it is like to live and work in the Canadian Rockies with these great Oyster reviews

“I’ve settled in really well! We absolutely love it here, been skiing at Norquay and Lake Louise so far. Just want to thank you once again for the opportunity!”

Fin, Winter 2019/20

“Life in Banff has been great. Such a beautiful place with such amazing people. The job is great and my colleagues are very nice, I’m learning a lot! Thanks so much for all the help!”

Catia, Winter 2019/20

Boating in The Rockies“Everything was taken care of, from start to finish. I never worried about a single thing and felt very supported with any questions I had. I have already recommended Oyster to several friends and would have no hesitation in doing so again.”

Sophie, Summer 2018

sarah Harrison summer hospitality in Banff 2017“Thank you so much for what was the best summer I will probably ever have, your support throughout the project was amazing and I have loved every second of the past few months. The experience was nothing I ever imagined, I had such an amazing time and got to know so many people from around the world.”

Sarah, Summer 2017

web“I really want to stay in Banff to see what it is like in the winter and will then move onto another part of Canada after the winter is done. I will be in Canada hopefully the complete two years of my visa. Thank you for your help to make this summer possible. I have had an unbelievable summer, one which I will never forget, hence why I have decided to stay for longer. It has been better than I could ever have dreamt it could possibly have gone.”

Tom, May 2016

Katie November 2015“Thank you for this new reality! I can’t describe how cool it feels to say “I’m living in Canada”!!! It’s astonishing how much of an emotional rollar coaster the first couple of weeks are, one minute you’re ecstatic that you’re finally here, the next you’re sat in a heap wondering what the hell you’ve got yourself into; but once the jetlag has warn off and you settle in with new friends and routine it’s an incredible experience, even after a super hard day at work today, I found myself walking back home grinning like an idiot because “hey I’m actually doing this! This was once a dream! It’s crazy but it’s awesome!””

Katie, 2015/16 winter season

Kathrine in Banff“My time in Canada enabled me to become a lot more mature. If you have never lived away from your parents before, this prepares you 100% for doing so. It’s an amazing adventure and I’ve made friends for life.”

Kathrine, 2014/15 winter season

1460229_10152106580015330_1436682438_n“Everything went smoothly whilst abroad. Oyster Worldwide gave me the correct amount of help without being too protective. When problems needed to be sorted they were always either a phone call or email away any time of the year that I was away.”

Michael, May 2013

summer season in banff“Being in the Canadian Rockies and being able to do lots of amazing things in my free time was excellent. Also meeting so many different people from all different cultures and now having friends all over the world from Japan to Germany.”

Michael, May 2013

paid ski season banff“The best part was that once I had arrived and settled in I was left largely to my own devices to do as I pleased but if I needed any help or support it wasn’t far away.”

Gareth, 2010/11 winter season

To find out more about our Canadian Rockies programmes, check out our paid winter and summer season web pages on the Oyster Worldwide website.

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