Tips for improving your travel photography

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We all know what a great photo looks like. The question is: how can we take one?!


Here are some top tips on improving the quality of your travel photos and making sure every experience you have is remembered by a great single shot:


  1. Light is at its best early in the morning just after sunrise and in the evening just before sunset. In the photography world this is often known as the golden hour of photography when daylight is redder and softer.
  2. Get in close- if you feel your images aren’t saying anything then you are not close enough to the action. Fill the frame with your subject and avoid wasted space.
  3. Use your flash during the day when the light is extremely bright, forcing extra light on a subject will avoid ugly shadows and create an even exposure.
  4. Think about your composition. A good composition can bring dull objects to life, similarly, the best subject matter in the world can be ruined by a bad composition. Follow the ‘Rule of Thirds’ to give you a basic idea.
  5. Take your time before taking a photo. Think about what you are photographing and where you should position yourself based on light and composition.
  6. Try to refrain from checking your images the moment you take them. You could miss a vital magic moment and it affects the flow of your work.Cattle Mustering
  7. Be aware of your shutter speed as this can be the difference between a blurry photo and a sharp photo. The speed of your shutter will depend on whether you are shooting subjects in action or static.
  8. Remember to have your camera on you at all time so that you don’t miss the ‘money shot’! This has become increasingly easier with the quality of smart phone cameras which are always at hand.
  9. Don’t pack too many elements into your photo- keeping it smart and simple can sometimes be much more effective.
  10. Think about perspective, sometimes an image can be much more engaging if you shoot it lying or crouching down or from an elevated position.
  11. Take inspiration from other photographers. Look at different styles and technical elements for inspiration.
  12. Unless you are photographing something vibrant like the Mardi Gras festival, try to limit your colour palette. One or two colours dominating will be more pleasing to the eye and help set the tone of the image.


Nepal Pray Flag

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