Medical Work Experience & Volunteering

Getting work experience for medical school abroad is a great way to contribute your skills and learn about different medical systems around the world. Doing a medical project abroad can also improve your university application and strengthen your degree in medicine.

India - 2 week pre-medical experience in Delhi

2 week pre-medical experience in Delhi

Join our 2 week summer internship in Delhi. This internship is perfect for anyone aged 16-18, looking at a career in medicine. Gain useful medical experience, see some of the wonders of the capital of India and meet other like-minded medics.


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India - 2 week pre-medical experience in Palampur, India

2 week pre-medical experience in Palampur, India

If you are aged 16-18 and looking for a career in medicine look no further than this exciting, pre-medical Indian adventure. Situated in Palampur, surrounded by tea fields, you will get to see rural India at its best. Spend 2 weeks with like-minded pre-medical students and shadow fully qualified doctors and nurses. Spend your weekends visiting the local sites, including the Taj Mahal, on this fantastic all-inclusive project.

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Romania - Medical Internship in Romania

Medical Internship in Romania

Looking for hands-on and valuable work experience in the medical field? This highly rated medical internship gives you varied medical experience working on a mobile medical unit and within a children’s hospital. Work in a variety of medical settings and with a mixture of cases, shadowing doctors and nurses and actively contributing to the care of the patients.

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India - Delhi Medical Internship

Delhi Medical Internship

Are you currently studying medicine or nursing, or perhaps you are a qualified medic looking for worthwhile work experience abroad? Our medical internship in Delhi could be just what you are looking for. You can choose to work in a range of departments within a busy hospital in southern Delhi. Expect to shadow the local staff and learn lots about how the healthcare system works in a country very different to your own.

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India - Medical Internship in Palampur

Medical Internship in Palampur

If you are considering a career in medicine or nursing and want to gain some work experience to help boost your university or college application, this is the programme for you. Based in northern India, in the foothills of the Himalayas, you will shadow local doctors and nurses and learn lots about the Indian medical system.

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Medical work experience to set you up for your degree

Why not get a head start on your medical degree by gaining work experience for medicine school abroad as a medical volunteer. Gain varied and unique work experience for your medicine course by being a healthcare volunteer or an intern on one of our medical placements abroad. With Oyster, you can travel to Brasov city (Romania), bustling Delhi or rural Palampur in India, to really give your CV a boost for university applications. In Romania, you will be shadowing nurses as a medical assistant and helping with day-to-day routine checks. If you’re thinking about a career in Paediatrics, there is an opportunity to work in the children’s hospital, either way you will be able to take home valuable knowledge of how a foreign healthcare system works. In addition to this you will be living in an exciting city, check out the beauty of what Transylvania has to offer, and take advantage of the opportunity to learn a new language.

Our medical projects in India are in the Indian capital Delhi and in Palampur, which will give medical volunteers the opportunity to shadow medical professionals in a number of health institutions, including hospitals, dental clinics, nursing homes and physio centres, all whilst experiencing life first hand in vibrant India.If working in Delhi, you will be based in a large hospital shadowing professional Indian medics in a variety of departments and gaining a fascinating insight into a foreign medical system.