When you complete your booking form we ask for the first payment of £180 towards the project price to be paid as well. Before you complete the booking form we would encourage you to contact us with any questions you have about the project.

Summer projects

If you are keen to travel during the summer holidays period, we would advise booking as soon as possible. Our projects can fill up quickly for the months from June to September in particular. As we will only take a limited number of people on each project, which is based on the need of volunteers or workers, sometimes our places can be quite coveted!

The ideal time to be booking summer volunteering projects would be before February of the year that you want to go away. We do however often have last minute availability, so you should always ask if you are booking later than this.

Last-minute bookings

We are more than happy to take last-minute bookings on all of our projects, subject to availability. Do bear in mind that you should be aiming to book at least 4 weeks before departure to allow for any visa arrangements, vaccines and to be able to get some good deals on flights.

To see a full list of all of our last-minute projects, have a look at our last-minute bookings web page.

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