Ghana, which means ‘Warrior King’, has a long and rich history, but is one of the fastest growing economies in Africa. With large exports of gold, cocoa and oil, Ghana is economically stable and there are always new developments and initiatives popping up across the vibrant capital city, Accra.

Western Africa has distinctive music – playfully blending reggae and African beats. Throughout Accra, you will be able to hear music blaring from local ‘spot’ bars and there are plenty of places to dance. If you are a foodie – there are Ghanaian specialities that are worth travelling for. In particular – the famous red red bean stew is delicious. If you like spicy, head to a local ‘chop bar’ and try jollof rice, banku and soups with plenty of cayenne pepper!

With nearly 30 million people living in Ghana, the primary language is English, although there are also plenty of tribal dialects. The largest of these tribes is the Ashanti tribe – nearly 50% of the country’s population – who predominantly speak Twi.

Kente cloth, a colourful type of material, is made in southern Ghana, although it is worn all over the country, and is associated with the Ashanti tribes. The material is hand made with woven silk and cotton and the patterns are very distinctive. The traditional cloth holds a lot of meaning for many Ghanaians and colours are symbolic of different aspects of daily life.

Ghana is a fantastic country to visit year round due to its constantly warm climate. For a cooler, drier visit, travel between October and March. Harmattan takes place in December when the warm Saharan winds blow across Western Africa. At this time, Ghana is particularly hot and dusty.

Head to Ghana and spend some time volunteering at worthwhile grass-root projects in Accra or intern in the vibrant city centre. With forts and castles, rainforest and beaches, there is plenty to keep you occupied at the weekend. Ghana is a popular travel destination for people looking to experience something different and Ghana certainly will not disappoint!

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