Oyster recommends the Security Washbag

Security Washbag
Security Washbag in action

I want to give a big plug for the Security Washbag. I have been using one for a couple of years now and think everyone should have one – not just air travellers.  If you have been through an airport recently, you can probably remember how frustrating and a little embarrassing it is to put your toothpaste, gels and whatever into a see through plastic bag so publicly.  Do you really want your fellow travellers to know what type of toothpaste you favour?  The Security Washbag acts as a normal, smallish washbag and complies with airport regulations.  It is see through, zips up and just goes through the X ray machine without you needing to decant anything.  It is also quite handy as an everyday washbag as you can see exactly what is inside and check to see you have not forgotten anything – something that is easily done with a conventional washbag.  If you want one they are only £4.95 through www.securitywashbag.com or you can look out for our forthcoming Facebook cover photo competition where the winner will receive a Security Washbag.

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