Oyster reviews: Laos Elephants

Find out how our Oyster volunteers have got on in Laos:

elephants in laos bathing in the river“It was such an incredible trip! I learnt so much about Laos, elephants, travelling alone and myself in general! It was completely unforgettable! I am missing Laos so much already!! I took lots and lots of photos which I keep looking through and showing everyone! Seeing the mother and baby girl elephant playing and bathing in the lake was a truly wonderful moment. Feeding the elephants was without a doubt one of the best bits of the trip, climbing through the rainforest was unlike anything I’ve ever done before and the views were extraordinary. I loved eating delicious, traditional Laotian food every day, and finally learning firsthand from experienced biologists how to identify a healthy elephant and the problems facing both wild and captive Asian elephants today.”


Isabella Koffler-Sluijter 1 week, Laos June 2017

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