Find out what our Oyster volunteers have said about their time volunteering with elephants in Laos in these reviews:

A rescued elephant enjoys playing“Oyster planned everything I could think of, the trip was flawless and nothing went wrong! Almost felt too good to be true!! Anne has been my saviour in this transaction. Any question I had, big or small, was answered by the next working day. The information provided on the ‘My Oyster’ website provided me with the correct do’s and donts and what to expect. Cannot fault that. Just, thank you again to Anne. She’s been absolutely amazing and I couldn’t have done it without her.”

Izzy, 1 week, August 2019

An elephant enjoys enrichment“Anne was extremely responsive to any question(s), concerns that I had. When I first registered I wasn’t expecting a personal phone call outlining the project and giving us an opportunity to ask questions. The staff at the facility was super knowledgeable and passionate about what they were doing. Be prepared to step away from the comforts at home – it can be challenging, but well worth it. This is a trip that our
family won’t easily forget.”

Simmi, 1 week, July 2019

The sun sets and reflects in the lake at the elephant sanctuary in Laos“I had the most amazing time in Laos and just wanted to say thank you for everything you had helped with. The way of life in Laos is so much more relaxed! No one is in a rush and it’s so calming, every was so welcoming and I can’t wait to explore more of the world!”

Zoe, 1 week, March 2019

Oyster's over 40s group pose for a phot at the elephant conservation project in Laos“It was a great experience. We went into the forest to do some observing, watching the elephant interact together in the semi-wild. We went to see some little turtles who are going to be rehomed at the centre (they had been abandoned). Did lots of enrichment, cleared poo and visited the socialisation area many times.”

Karen, 4 weeks, March 2019

Elephants enjoy roaming in the wild after lives in captivity“The highlights for me were excellent company in a stunningly beautiful setting with such friendly hospitality from the staff. And of course the elephants!”

Lorraine, 1 week, February 2019

“It was such an incredible trip from start to finish. My memories of the elephants in Laos are still so fresh in my mind and I miss them!”

Margo, 1 week, February 2019

An elephant takes a drink at the lake“We enjoyed our time at the centre and found the staff to be lovely, helpful and informative. Everything went according to schedule – we were picked up at the airport, getting a visa was just as you described it and we were pleased with the guest house”

Ellen and Paul, 1 week, December 2018

An elephant clambers out of the lake in Laos“Amazing setting, wonderful experience with elephants.Learning about the hopes and aspirations of the project and feeling we did our little bit was just great. We loved watching the elephants in the enrichment area and bathing in the lake, especially the young elephants who play just like kids in a pool. I could watch them for hours.”

Jane, 1 week, April 2018

An elephant enjoying eating in Laos“We had a wonderful experience. A truly life-changing holiday and I even managed to forget my phone, so detoxed completely! Glad we spent some time in Luang Prabang because it gave us both an opportunity to experience the elephant’s lives and challenges and also the cultural values of the community. I even spent an afternoon with a Buddist monk that left the monastery 2 days previously – so learnt a lot about their lives.”

Sue, 1 week, April 2018

A view over the lake that surrounds the elephant sanctuary in Laos“This was a wonderful experience. We had a great time and hope to return soon. Learning about elephant conservation efforts and being part of a uniquely pristine natural environment were real highlights.”

Massimo, 1 week, July 2017

elephants in laos bathing in the river“Seeing the mother and baby girl elephant playing and bathing in the lake was a truly wonderful moment. Feeding the elephants was without a doubt one of the best bits of the trip, climbing through the rainforest was unlike anything I’ve ever done before and the views were extraordinary. I loved eating delicious, traditional Laotian food every day, and finally learning firsthand from experienced biologists how to identify a healthy elephant and the problems facing both wild and captive Asian elephants today.”

Isabella, 1 week, June 2017

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