Brazil has to be one of the world’s most colourful and energetic countries.  With lively carnivals, great sporting events and a very relaxed way of life, this is possibly one of the most exciting places in the world that you could end up on your gap year or career break.

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Projects in Brazil

Volunteer Sports Coach in Brazil

Volunteer at an inspiring Youth Centre

Brazilians live life to the full whether they are watching football, surfing or partying in carnival season.  It is hard to resist the buzz and enthusiasm of the country and even harder not to be bowled over by the beauty of the coast, the Iguacu falls and for the more intrepid traveller – the Amazon too.

Don’t forget that Brazil is not only the world’s fifth most populous country but also one of its most diverse.  Brazil’s culture is a wonderful mix of colonial Portuguese mixed with Dutch, French and African influences.  Apart from the beautiful and varied architecture, visitors are reminded of Brazil’s heritage every time they tuck into healthy Brazilian food.  There is a lot of African cooking as well as delicious succulent barbequed meats and fresh tropical ingredients.

Any visitor to Brazil should try or at least watch Capoeria dancing.  It originates from the time of slave ships from Africa when shackled slaves danced to keep their sanity and to live.  It looks like a cross between martial arts and synchronised acrobatics done to the sound of drum beat.

Brazilians are particularly gripped with sport; excitement has reached fever pitch with the world cup football in 2014 followed by the Olympics in 2016.  Children wearing football clothing is a common sight across Brazil as is street football.  If you are not a football fan, do not worry but do read up on what your national team is doing as you are bound to be asked!

Oyster sends volunteers to the Sao Paulo area of Brazil.  Volunteering in Brazil has proved a popular choice for anyone with a good rapport with young people as well as a willingness to learn Portuguese.  Fortunately the full immersion in Portuguese and one-to-one lessons you get make this less daunting.

Country highlights

  • A beautiful coastline with gorgeous beaches, including Copacabana beach.
  • Spectacular landscapes including the Iguacu Falls, and the lush Amazon rainforest.
  • Capoeira dancing that combines martial arts with dance and acrobatics.
  • Churrascarias – a variety of delicious grilled meats found in Gaucho barbeque houses.
  • Brazilians with their energetic carnivals, sporting fever and relaxed way of life.

Why Choose Oyster?

  • We have been successfully sending volunteers to our project in Sao Paulo since 2006 and have visited regularly.
  • Oyster’s representative is British, has a wealth of knowledge about life in Brazil and lives nearby
  • Careful screening and briefing of volunteers per departure.  Oyster are well aware of the possible hazards you might face when travelling in Brazil and believe that forearmed is forewarned.