Chile’s unique shape means it stretches from the tropics to the Arctic Circle and is home to incredible coastal and mountain scenery.  Its capital, Santiago, has been described as South America’s finest capital with fine Spanish architecture with a striking backdrop of the Andes and a year-round warm climate.  The people of Chile are very hospitable, fun loving with great taste in food and wine.

Head south and you’ll find the dramatic lakes and mountains of Patagonia – perfect for the adventurer. Here you can really enjoy the culture of Latin America whilst embracing Spanish-speaking Chile. Oyster’s volunteer in Chile project lies about two-thirds of the way down Santiago.  Patagonia is a beautiful, unspoiled mountainous region that covers Argentina and Chile.

Despite its location at the south of South America, you can reach Chile’s capital city by direct flight to Santiago from Europe and North America. Chile is one of Oyster’s longest running and most successful destinations.  Most volunteers in Chile say that it is the full immersion in Spanish that draws them to the program and once they are there it is the charm of the host families and the beauty of the Patagonian landscape that they talk about. A gap year in Chile is a perfect way to fully explore this remote part of the world.

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