Awe-inspiring photos of Chile

Saskia has shared some of her beautiful photos from a recent trip that the Chile group went on. Before checking out these beautiful photos if you want to see what she has been up to check out posts one and two, threefour and five.

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“As a part of the 12 weeks trip, you are given the opportunity to go on a 3/4 day expedition, these are just a tiny fraction of the photos I took but give you a taste of what it was like.

Chile trip - 1
After a stressful start to the day due to us having the wrong bus tickets, and Jack forgetting his sleeping bag, we made it to Puerto Tranquillo! The bus ride is amazing, we passed through Cerro Castillo National Reserve, a valley killed by volcanic ash after the eruption of Hudson that is beginning to grow back, and finally skirted around South America’s second largest lake, Lago General Carrera.
Chile trip - 2
We were so lucky with the weather and after a quick lunch by the lake we got into a boat and headed onto the lake to see the marble caves.
Chile trip - 3
The caves have been formed by wave action is the lake over the last 6,200 years and are beautiful. I don’t think I’ve ever taken so many pictures in such a short space of time!
Chile trip - 5
The following day we headed out to Laguna San Rafael, after around 2 hours we reached a river and had to load everything into a small boat to cross to the other side, where we picked up a new minibus. Although my picture doesn’t do it any justice, the river was a really cool colour as the point at which we crossed was the confluence of 3 rivers, all different colours due to where they had come from.
Chile trip - 4
After around half an hour in the mini bus on the other side of the river, we reached the little boat that would be taking us out to the Laguna. The boat ride was around 2 hours but the scenery was beautiful in every direction.
chile trip - 6
Before we went to set up camp we drove around a few icebergs to give us a taste of what was to come, they were incredible! They seemed to glow fluorescent blue and it was as if at night they would light up the water.
Chile trip 7
We then had a picnic lunch on the beach and walked to the camp site we would be staying in.
Chile trip 8
After a cup of tea and setting up our tents we set off on a hike, it took around 3 hours and we walked up to a viewing point over the glacier where we sat for a while and watched bits break off into the sea. We then returned to camp for supper which was actually really good, considering we were camping!
Chile trip 9
The following morning we were taken for a walk around the park and since it was low tide we were able to walk along the beach and see up close some of the smaller icebergs.








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