Workers on their bikes on the farms
Learn to ride a dirt bike ready for work on a farm in the Outback

With the end of exams finally in sight, many people finishing their A-levels and their equivalents will be now looking forward and considering what to do on their gap year. When you are used to working in terms of September to July (the usual academic year), it can sometimes seem tough to get out of that mould: and with that in mind our gap year paid work in Australia Outback programme is filling up quickly for August, September and October.

Oyster works with over 1800 employers in the Australian Outback, providing you with a training farm programme to help you prepare for life in Australia and for work on the farms. This is an extremely popular programme, as not only will you get paid well for your efforts, you will be living in a place so different from what you may be used to that it is the perfect challenge for your gap year!

We send many young people from the UK, the US, Canada and Europe each week to take part in this fantastic opportunity. Not everyone has farming experience, but you must come armed with motivation and a passion for the outdoors. Expect hard work, but plenty of rewards! A cold beer has never tasted better after a long day working in the heat of the Outback.

So if you are now considering your gap year options and would like to get involved in our gap year paid work in Australia Outback programme, then check out our gap year Australia webpage for more information on working in the Australian Outback.

Remember: now is a great time to book in for starting on the training farm in August, September and October!

4 responses to “Book now for your place on our Australia Outback training programme: gap year paid work in Australia
    1. Hi Catherine,
      Thank you very much for your message. I will email you more information on how to apply for our farm programme. We certainly offer work for those who have experience with horses, there is a wide range of jobs that involve equine care. You may be interested in having a look at our blog on working with horses in Australia? You can find it in the Australia section on our website.
      Looking forward to hearing from you !
      Georgie- Oyster

  1. i would like to get more information as im in south africa and would like to know about any alternative visa as im not eligible for a working holiday visa

    1. Hi Alton and thanks for your message! There are options for South Africans to take part on this programme and I am sending you a private email with some further information.
      Thanks! Georgie-Oyster

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