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The introductory training week is designed to give you an overview of many aspects of farm life.

It is not designed to teach you everything you need to know in order to become an experienced farmer, you will however be exposed to a range of key work activities that you may encounter at your employment thereafter.

Your participation also offers a chance for the training staff to assess your skills and match you to a suitable job that is within your abilities.

During the week you will spend a lot of time learning how to work. For many, rural Australia will be a big change from your usual routine. This can often mean a cultural shock so these five days will help you get used to the early rises, midday heat and hard physical work, amongst other things.

General jobs outside the homestead include feeding animals such as chickens, dogs, lambs, calves and pigs. You may be cleaning horse yards, gardening or washing vehicles. Be prepared to help inside too. When living on a farm you will be expected to pitch in with cooking, washing up, keeping the general areas clean and tidy and making your beds. Remember in many cases you will be living with a family and you must respect their way of living and their rules which can often be very traditional.

Georgie horse training

A huge part of the training is focused around safety and how to do things the ‘Australian way’.
One element of this is learning how to handle livestock. You will learn how to be safe around horses on the ground, how to tack up and the basics of riding. You will be shown how to work safely with cattle in yards and how to work a cattle muster from horseback, motorbike and vehicles.

The second element is learning how to work safely with machinery. This includes motorbikes, tractors, chainsaws and fencing equipment. You will be shown how to maintain this equipment and how to use it.

During the week the staff will organise phone calls with potential employers and arrange travel bookings for your journey to your job.

The introductory training week is a great way to make lots of new friends.
If you are enthusiastic, motivated and open minded you’ll have great fun and learn something new!

If you are interested in paid work in rural Australia have a look at the information on our website


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