What is a volunteering holiday?

Work with elephants on your volunteering holidayHow does a volunteering holiday work?

Not everyone has the time to take out a month or more to do some travelling, volunteering, gap year or career break. Short term volunteering breaks are becoming ever more popular with students pressed for time, people working who only have limited holidays and for those who just want to try something new for a while, with the view to spending more time doing it in future.

The idea of a volunteering holiday has grown from that- the desire to do something good in a short space of time. Not everyone wants a holiday lying on the beach any more, and there are many volunteering holiday options that could well be right up your street.

Where do I start for looking into a volunteering holiday?

There are a few important things to consider before you make any decisions on even where to look. It is essential to consider how you think you would be able to make a difference in a holiday of one or two weeks. For example, when thinking of volunteering with children you need to consider that this might actually be detrimental to the children- they may form a bond with you, come to rely on you and then you are gone again. It is important to know that you will be making a contribution rather than just being there. It is also important to think about where you might like to be in the world or what you might like to do- something radically different or something based on your interests?

How to choose the right volunteering holiday?

Here at Oyster Worldwide we think it is important to make a contribution in a positive way over short term periods. Through careful research and planning, we have found that animal welfare and conservation volunteering holidays are the best for making a genuine contribution to the project. These projects are usually for the relatively active person who likes the great outdoors. Some are in the thick Thai rainforest, perfect for explorers. Others are on the Costa Rican beaches, perfect for sun lovers. Others are in the African plains, perfect for nature lovers. And finally, some are in the Romanian mountains, perfect for the hikers. After all, a volunteering holiday isn’t all about the volunteering.

What options are available to me?

There are some great websites out there offering volunteering holidays- but it is important to get the right one for you. Oyster has hand picked, nurtured and run animal welfare projects for many years (some of them for almost 7 years!) and know them inside out. Indeed, at least one member of our small team has actually volunteered on them all.

For an insight into the volunteering holiday options that we have, check out our animal welfare volunteering page. Here you have options such as volunteering with bears in Romania, volunteering with elephants in South Africa, diving in Thailand and volunteering with turtles in Costa Rica- amongst many more!

For any questions about volunteering holidays, you can contact Anne on [email protected] or on 0044 (0) 1892 770 771

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