Volunteer Teaching

Oyster works directly with over 20 schools around the world. We have been developing our links with these schools since 2000. We ensure that our teaching projects are worthwhile for the school, the local community and you, the volunteer.

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Tanzania - Teach English in Tanzania

Teach English in Tanzania

Become a member of a close-knit Tanzanian village community as a volunteer teacher in either primary or secondary schools. Immerse yourself in village life, teach English to children and pass on your passions.

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Nepal - Teach English in the Kathmandu Valley

Teach English in the Kathmandu Valley

Call the Himalayas your second home and become so much more than a tourist. Immerse yourself in local life as a volunteer English teacher in the beautiful Kathmandu Valley, living with a local family as part of a close community.

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Chile - Teach in Patagonia and learn Spanish

Teach in Patagonia and learn Spanish

This is one of our best and longest running programmes.  Set up in 2002, the programme was created to allow full Spanish immersion whilst volunteers assist with English in schools that want to improve the standard of English. This programme is particularly popular with people looking for an adventure in a remote and stunning destination.

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Brazil - Volunteer at an inspiring Youth Centre

Volunteer at an inspiring Youth Centre

Join Oyster’s well respected youth centre project in Brazil, Latin America’s largest and most extrovert nation and learn Portuguese.  An immensely enjoyable volunteer position participating and helping in youth centre activities ranging from cooking, dance and conversational English.  Oyster seek volunteers who are motivated, selfless and willing to get involved for this challenging but fulfilling project.

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Romania - Volunteer with Children in Romania

Volunteer with Children in Romania

Give love, laughter and lessons to some of Romania’s abandoned and sick children. Bring your smiles and enthusiasm into hospitals and children’s homes, and make a life changing impact as a volunteer with these adorable kids.

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South Africa - Volunteer with kids in South Africa

Volunteer with kids in South Africa

Give your time, love and enthusiasm to kids in township schools and nurseries around Port Elizabeth. Encourage them in their learning, developing their English and giving them confidence in the classroom. Volunteers work alongside full time staff to provide support and an extra dimension to the education provided to these children.

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Why volunteer as a teacher?

Working as a volunteer teacher is an extremely fullfilling way to spend your gap year abroad or careerbreak. Children are full of energy and see the world from unique perspective – making each day different and exciting. If you are considering becoming a teacher, volunteering abroad is a fantastic way for you to gain valuable work experience. At Oyster, we believe that it is important that the schools that we work with benefit from having volunteers. As a volunteer teacher, you will be provided with full briefing, maximising the impact you can make teaching abroad. There is no better way to learn about a country than to live and work as a local community teacher. From Tanzania to Nepal, we have many teaching projects around the world.