If you have riding skills and are able to handle horses on the ground, it is very likely that you will be given the opportunity to work with horses during your gap year. Horse work is seasonal and there is always something going on. If horses are your passion, this is the programme for you!

Typical work:

There are jobs on cattle stations where part of the work will involve riding for long hours to bring in cattle. You may also work breaking in or riding what Australians term ‘green’ horses (young and inexperienced). There is also a lot of work on Polo, Polocrosse, Racing, Dressage and Eventing studs and farms. There is work at trail riding centres and riding stables. Remember you are there to work and most of it will be to perform duties such as mucking out, feeding, cleaning equipment, preparing horses for sales, games and events and handling young horses on the ground. There are jobs where you will be expected to exercise the horses.

Work hours:

Cattle station work is generally sun up to sun down. You will work 5-6 days a week and sometimes 7 depending on the pressure to get the job done. For stable work expect a 5-6 day week.
Cattle stations are predominantly located in the northern parts of Australia. The north of Western Australia, Northern Territory, Queensland and the north of New South Wales. There are some farms in other locations. For other horse work expect locations in more populated areas of southern Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria and the coastal regions of South Australia.

cattle work

Previous Skills necessary ? :

As a general rule yes you will need to have prior experience with horses. There are however many jobs in stable work involving mucking out and general farm duties that do not require prior horse experience. These jobs often involve learning new skills such as how to handle horses on the ground. Any riding jobs require a good standard of riding experience.

Typical length of job:

For cattle work, approximately three months which is a typical mustering season. Polo is usually a similar amount of time during the season. Most other stud work is all year round but more employees are required when there are big sales or sporting events


Mustering work is typically from about March- June and then Sept- November. This is always subject to weather conditions such as drought or flood. Polo is seasonal and grooms are very popular in late July- November and again in Jan and February. Most other stud work is all year round but more employers are required when there are big sales or sporting events.

Polocrosse 1

Living conditions:

When mustering you will most likely be living in very basic accommodation. A room in the main homestead, separate cottage, donga, out house or caravan. You may be required to sleep in swags when camping on musters or in accommodation along the road when travelling. Accommodation on studs can often be very comfortable, sometimes sharing with other grooms. Internet is usually good on studs as they are closer to more civilised areas. Farms will have limited phone and internet. Find out more in Farm work in Australia on our website

40 responses to “Working with horses in Australia
  1. Hello my name is Sarah summer skoreyko I am fry Canada ALberta I am 18 years old and have a talent and love for horses I am a farm girl been around animals and horses all my life I started trains my own at the age of 13 went to the states with Wylene Wilson Davis and worked along side her I would love to be part of your team and program I am a hard worker with energy no smoker have my drivers and can’t wait to hear back from u hope i fave u enough info on me thanks

  2. Hi my name is Taylor, I’m finishing school this year and want to become a farrier and the real dream is to own a stud farm down the track however I want to take a gap year working on a working farm with horses.

    I am an intermediate rider and have a fair bit of knowledge around horses however really want to learn more skills and knowledge from this year.

    I live in Melbourne (VIC). I have a very good work ethic and am very confident in trying new things.

    I would love to hear back to u if you want to hear more from me as your program sounds perfect for what I’m wanting to do 🙂

  3. Hi, my name is Mariska Ellis, I am from South Africa, I am 20 years old. I absolutely love horses and working for them, I studied equine studies to learn more about them and finished my module 3 at the end of this year.

    I’ve always been around horses since I was a little girl, riding and learning as much as I could.

    I worked foaling season for 2 years on a stud farm and I also worked alongside a manager of a stud farm to learn more.

    Id love to gain more experiace, I have my drivers licence, been driving for 2 years and I’m a non-smoker. Hope to hear back fro you soon.

    Thank you and have a lovely day!

  4. This would be my abs dream job I worked with horses all my life up untill I had my little girl 2 years ago. I would love nothin more than to have this opportunity
    Kind regards

  5. Hiya my name is Jeni, I am 19 years old,

    I grew up around horses until the age of 16, I am very comfortable around horses however am a bit rusty as haven’t ridden in a few years, I am planning a trip to Aussie for mid 2020 and want to have a real experience in the Australian outback and am really keen to become a better rider etc.

  6. This sounds ideal for me! I would love to be apart of this, it’d be a dream come true! I’m 22 years old and have been around horses most of my life. I’m from the UK and have dreamed of working abroad for years!

  7. Hey my name is Toni, I am 21 years old,

    I grew up around horses since i was 3 years old, I am planning a trip to Aussie for mid 2020 (July – September- as I have university) and want to have a real experience in the Australian outback. Love horses and Im a groom for an olympic rider in the UK but looking for a change of scene.

  8. Hello,
    My name is Tara, I am 19, and I am from America. I am currently studying equine science and looking to gain more experience handling, training, and caring for horses. I have been riding on and off since a young age but have recently picked it up again at the barn I volunteer at and have worked with Standardbred foals and yearlings during some of my university classes, so I am comfortable with horses of various ages and temperaments. Because of my classes I would be most interested in working from end of may to the end of July if that is an option

    1. Hi Tara, Thanks for getting in touch! It’s great to hear you are looking for work experience with horses. Georgie will be in touch directly to discuss the options further 🙂

  9. Hi,
    My name is Franzi, I am a German student who is planning to go to Australia between October 2020 and January 2021. In this time, I would love to work there for a while. I am especially interested in the work with horses, since I have been riding for 12 years now- having handled all different kinds of horses.
    I would appreciate it, if you could get in touch with me, to get further information about the programme!

    1. Hi Franzi,
      Its great to hear from you and you certainly sound very well suited to our farm and horse work programme. I will send you an email with the next steps – looking forward to organising you trip! Georgie ([email protected] )

  10. Hi!
    My name is Eloise and I am 22 years old.

    I have recently started riding and working with horses again after a 9 year hiatus. I am confident around horses and have just started working with my uncle as he has just rescued some retired racehorses. I am confident on horse back but still rusty in their higher gates. Despite this, I have fallen in love with horses again like I never thought I would.
    I am looking to gain experience working and riding horses again as I have missed it and have found a new love for the outback and everything it has to offer.
    I don’t have experience in mustering and only little experience breaking in horses, however I am a strong willed and passionate young woman who is willing to give her all.
    I have been living in Melbourne since I moved out of home in 2016 but I have been wanting to move to the outback to get out of the city and a toxic job.
    Horses have provided me with a much needed escape and I would love to work with them full time.
    Please let me know if you are still offering positions 😊

    1. Hi Eloise,
      Thanks for your interest! We’ve sent you a private message about how you can become involved 🙂

  11. I would absolutely love to join your program, I have capable riding skills and a genuine love, dedication and a commited passion for horses. Regards Joanne

  12. Hi,

    Myself and my two friends (Alex and Kayla) are three 18 year olds looking for summer work on a horse ranch from July until the end of September this summer. We are originally from the UK but I have a dual citizenship. While myself and Alex do not have much experience with horses, we do have basic riding skills, we are very hands on and quick learners. Kayla is much more experienced and has been working at her yard for the last 5 years.

    We are all unafraid of hard work and are willing to work long hours.

    This would be an incredible experience for the 3 of us and if there is anyway that we could all get involved with this program, please let us know! 🙂

  13. Hello,
    My friend and I (Artemis and Philippine) are looking for work on a horse ranch from February 2023. She is french and I am from France-Greece. I did a year of horseback riding and would love to take care of horses 🙂 We are both fast learners and animal lovers.
    Feel free to get in touch ! 🙂

  14. Hi, I would love to find a farm where my partner and I can work as a couple. I have a lot of experience with horses as well as a partner, but at a beginner level. She knows how to ride a horse.

  15. Hello! India from England here. I am looking to work on a mustering farm with horses from around April 2023 onwards. No end date. I am from a farm here in Leicestershire, and have ridden and cared for horses (and other farm animals) all my life, tones of experience. It would be amazing if you can point me in the right direction of an exciting farm please 🙂

  16. My name is Scarlett and I am 25 years old living on the Gold Coast. As a child from the age of 7 to 11 years I learnt to ride and recently have regained my passion for horses and farm work. I have been going once a week for 1 hour lessons at Mt Tambourine and volunteering 3 times a week. Duties include:
    – feeding/ rugging/ making feeds
    – Cleaning stables
    – Saddling/unsaddling horses +bringing in and out from paddock
    – Grooming
    – Mowing paddock
    however after seeing your website I would like to gain skill sets and to grow and expand my knowledge with farm and horse work and all other duties required. This position seems perfect for me and I think I would be a great asset to your company.

    I am interested in applying and would greatly welcome an opportunity.

  17. Hi

    Is this site still active I’d like to know where I can apply for any job with horses.

    I have 14years past experience, I am an intermediate to experienced rider. I’ve jumped, a little dressage, cross country and been hunting.

    I owned my own horse for 6 years and competed in showjumping and cross country. I re trained him myself as he was a pacer on the carts.

    I would be willing for almost any job with horses and I am coming to Australia beginning of October on a working holiday visa.

  18. Hello,
    I would love to work with horses and am moving to Australia in October.
    I have had my own horses since I was a 2 years old and compete to a high level showjumping in England, so have plenty of experience and confidence handling horses.
    I’m not quite sure where to start with finding work on a horse ranch/cattle station, so all advice is appreciated. Thankyou

  19. Hi Georgie !
    I would like to work in Australia in February – June 2024 with an WHV. I’m looking for a farm and I really want to work with horses which has been my passion for 18 years. How can I found the good farm for me ? Thank you

  20. Hi,

    my name is Grace, I am Irish and I have been looking at completing regional work as part of my working Visa. Does this work qualify as regional farming work?
    I love the look of this program and would be very interested if this could simultaneously help with my second year visa.
    Any advice would be really welcome.

  21. Hi, I learned to ride when I was a teenager. I can canter, gallop and do small jumps. I can tack up, muck out stables, change rugs, groom horses, pick hooves etc. I haven’t ridden for a few years but the knowledge is still there.

    I am determined and hardworking and would love to work with horses! I’m really interested in an Australian working holiday visa (May to end of August 2024) – am I eligible to work on a farm with horses with my experience?

  22. Hello!
    I am planning to come to Australia in January on a WHV and would really like to work with horses, preferably on a farm. I just have a little experience with horses, but I am very eager to learn and a hard worker. Is there anyway you can help me find the right place? Thanks in advance! Lynn

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