Oyster Reviews: Volunteering with children and on medical projects in Tanzania

Find out what Oyster Tanzania volunteers have said about volunteering with children and on Medical projects in Tanzania in these Oyster reviews:

web“The projects were very rewarding, and everyone was very welcoming in each of the programmes. It was easy to make friends and we were introduced to a lot of people by Mads (the Oyster representative), which made our time there both easier and more fun. Everything was very cheap so we were able to fill our time with loads of fun things! Living in Tanzania is an amazing opportunity to learn and experience a totally new culture. The projects give you a real insight to how people are living there, and can be very rewarding if you put hard work into them. You will also meet so many people and make friends not only with other volunteers but also locals. And by the end of the project…Expect to be in with love Africa!”

Abbie Kearn, January 2016

Erin in Tanzania“The project was close-knit as numbers were kept small and we were able to tailor the project to suit ourselves and to what we wanted to do with the kids. Some other projects in Tanzania give you a placement in a house of, say, 40 others and everything is much less flexible.”

Erin Maguire, June 2014


Hollie, Fiona and Fanny
“It is such a rewarding programme. The children and staff are so grateful for your help and you will learn so much about their culture, as well as about yourself. It’s life changing!”

Hollie Fleming, January 2014

Amy, Jess and Claire
“It’s an incredible experience and you see so many amazing things, as well as gaining independence and general life experience. The feeling of knowing that you’ve helped people is amazing also!”

Jess Salisbury, January 2014


“My time in Tanzania has changed my life. Tanzania is an amazing country with beautiful people and a beautiful culture. I would recommend that anyone should get out of their comfort zone and go to Tanzania. 3 months may seem daunting, but the time flies by – I wish I could have done it for longer!”

Fiona Burns, January 2014

Frances on her gap year in Tanzania

“It’s all going brilliantly here, and it’s so nice knowing we can always contact you or Tracey (the Oyster representative). Thank you for everything!! This has been an amazing thing to have been involved in. The way Oyster set up the projects so that we are relatively independent, yet know there is support on hand, helps you get so much from the experience.”

Frances Leach, June 2013

Volunteer with kids in Tanzania
“I’ve started University now and actually switched course so I’m now studying a joint degree with African studies including Swahili! It’s amazing and I’m really enjoying it. I think it goes to show what a life changing year it’s been for me!”

Lilly Neubauer, January 2013

Oyster Medical volunteer in Tanzania - Claire
“Why should people do this? “For the experience! Meeting new and amazing people, living in a different continent and sharing its culture, whilst being able to learn about something you enjoy every day in your placement.”

Claire Huck, June 2013 (Medical Programme)

Oyster Medical volunteer - Rosie
“It’s a great opportunity for medical work experience – the longer you stay at the hospital, the more they trust you and the more they will allow you to get involved in. It makes you really appreciate all that you have, and teaches you to live a pretty basic life!”

Rosie Ivory, January 2013 (Medical Programme)

Amy's last day at school as a volunteer teacher with Oyster
People should do this because “it is the most amazing experience you could imagine and is worth every penny.  It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity to mature into a worldly interesting young person!! I’ve changed in a million ways for the better!”

Amy Hall, January 2012

1.1330962898.2-icy-kibo“I had a brilliant time volunteering through Oyster in Tanzania and couldn’t have asked for a better organisation to make my gap year happen. Extremely helpful and friendly, they really helped me build up the confidence to travel for the first time; knowing I always had their support was reassuring, but they balanced this with plenty of independence for me to make my time in Tanzania my own.”

James Hammond, January 2012

Oyster Reviews: Volunteering with kids in TanzaniaVolunteering in Tanzania is still the best thing I have done in my life, and I hope to return to Arusha in the future to see the school again and volunteer in the orphanage.”

Andy Ward, January 2011

Volunteer with kids in Tanzania“The first few lessons were a bit chaotic, however, after a few days they began to respect me, so they calmed down. The school obviously really needed our help and really appreciated everything we did. The rep was very good at dealing with things quickly and she left us to it when we didn’t need her, which was good. The program was absolutely fantastic and I enjoyed every moment of it.”

Ellen Fitton, January 2011

classroom“I had the most amazing experience teaching English in Tanzania for six months on my gap year with Oyster. I couldn’t recommend Oyster enough, they were very friendly with a high level of customer care and support, before and during the gap year. I have been back to Tanzania twice with friends made during my gap year, and Oyster offered advice and tips for this trip. Great company and service.”

Sian Rees, January 2010

Childcare volunteering Tanzania“I loved the feeling of independence, and creating a whole new life out there! It was exactly as the company had warned us it would be – hard to adjust at first but got better and better with time. I loved living in a completely different culture, especially as I could explore and enjoy it with other volunteers in the same situation. In my last few months I felt as at home in Arusha as I do in Leeds!”

Anna Wyatt, January 2010

Medical volunteer Tanzania“My time in Tanzania with Oyster has given me the best medical experience that I could have wished for; it has made me even more excited about starting medicine at University in September!! All the doctors and nurses were very welcoming and friendly, and I thoroughly enjoyed working there and maybe someday when I’m a trained doctor I will go back!”

Rachel Weston-Smith, Medical Volunteer, January 2009

Teaching volunteer Tanzania“I loved having to adapt to a different way of life. In times of difficulty, like no running water, all you’ve got to say to yourself is ‘deal with it, loads of people do, why can’t I?’ The orientation was brilliant. The rep was excellent. The best part was seeing the faces of our colouring club when we gave them ‘party bags’ and they realised they were for them to keep. The program was immense!”

Alice Trant, January 2007

Volunteer work tanzania“What I absolutely loved about the project was the children at the school, walking into the classroom, and having a laugh outside as well – many fond memories!”

Adele Rousell, February 2006

DSC00349“You do not have to go to Africa to know that it is a poor continent, but by going there it gives a far better insight to the nature of its poverty, its people, its expectations and its possible future. It also broadens the mind – I now have a far more active interest in African news than before my trip.”

Alasdair Murray, September 2003

“I went without expectation, other than to teach spoken English to the students. The placement more than exceeded my expectations – it invigorates me and opened my eyes to the realities before me. I believe 100% that the more you put into learning local culture and the language, the more you get out of it.”

Adam Driscoll, September 2002

For more information on these projects, check out the volunteering in Tanzania webpage on the Oyster Worldwide website

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