Its been a tough decision but these are the top 5 Oyster projects that we think make the most fantastic destinations for some truly good photos. See if you agree!

  1. Head to Nepal and enjoy vibrant prayer flags set against dramatic Himalayan mountainscapes. A perfect juxtaposition of colour, composition, movement and light. Himalayan Prayer flags
  2. The monkeys at our South African rescue sanctuary are always ready to entertain! If you take part in this project you won’t be disappointed with the amazing social interaction that they are capable of. South African Monkeys
  3. The Australian Outback offers drama, colour and action.  Take advantage of Queensland offering 355 days on average of brilliant deep blue skies and bright sun that will always guarantee a vivid shot.Cattle Mustering
  4. Beautiful Chile with it’s magical glaciers and lush and rugged landscapes. Be enchanted by the spectrum of blues and purples that dance in the reflections of these stunning waters.Chile icebergs shutterstock_165335423
  5. The Savannah is often viewed as a baron hostile and dry land. This is the very essence however that adds to its mystery. If you look closely then there is always something or someone spectacular to photograph on our amazing Big 5 project in South Africa.Giraffes If you would like to take part in any of our projects then head to our homepage for inspiration.

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