New special care unit at Lionsrock

Lionsrock LionessWe have some lovely news to share with you today.There is new special care unit at LIONSROCK that has recently opened. The purpose of this new unit is to provide a more appropriate environment for some of the older lions. When lions are young, fit and healthy they have no trouble with slopes, rocks and trees and in fact those sorts of things provide the lions with an environment that replicates the natural surroundings. Having features like these provides stimulation and interested for the lions. But when lions get a little older they sometimes need environments that are more suitable for their age. They start to require environments that are flatter and clearly structured, in a similar way that humans might need to live in a bungalow or get a stair lift as they get older.

Three lionesses have recently moved into the new enclosure. Emma, who is one of the oldest cats at LIONSROCK, Xena who has problems with her back and lost a canine following a fight with the male member of her pride and finally Suga who is 20 and in urgent need of a more age appropriate environment. The new special care unit provides these lions with somewhere that they can grow old with dignity.

LIONSROCK also has plans to construct another three enclosures similar to this one in the coming months. These new enclosures will allow vets easier accessibility to the lions should they need it. As the 88 lions at LIONSROCK get older they will need more specialist environments and care so these new enclosures will allow LIONSROCK to help the lions live long and happy lives.

If you want to find out more about this programme take a look at the LIONSROCK volunteering webpage.

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