Summer Trips

Stuck for time? Wanting to do a gap year or volunteering overseas, but not able to commit to a longer duration? If this is you, don’t despair! Why not spend your summer working abroad? We have lots of short term options that can be done for as little as 1 week and up to 15 weeks so that you can really make the most of your summer.

Please note: the summer months of June – September are a very popular time to travel. We strongly advise early booking to guarantee a place on the dates you would like. Advance booking also helps with budgeting and getting a good deal on  your flights.

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South Africa - Volunteer sports coaching in South Africa

Volunteer sports coaching  in South Africa

Coach football, netball, hockey, cricket, rugby, tennis, basketball or swimming in one of the world’s greatest sporting nations, bringing your love for sports into some of Africa’s poorest townships. Coach just one or a combination of these sports to improve not only the children’s sporting abilities and teamwork, but your own as well. If that’s not enough for you, you can even get involved with childcare and teaching!

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South Africa - Volunteer with kids in South Africa

Volunteer with kids in South Africa

Give your time, love and enthusiasm to kids in township schools and nurseries around Port Elizabeth. Encourage them in their learning, developing their English and giving them confidence in the classroom. Volunteers work alongside full time staff to provide support and an extra dimension to the education provided to these children.

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Costa Rica - Volunteer with turtles in Costa Rica

Volunteer with turtles in Costa Rica

Volunteer in wild coastal areas of Costa Rica with a local charity, protecting adult and baby turtles from extinction. Live life on the beach, enjoying the beauty of the country, the turtles and the friendly communities. Get involved in the local community, from teaching children to conserving the beaches to get a real glimpse of life in rural Costa Rica.

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Romania - Volunteer with Bears in Romania

Volunteer with Bears in Romania

Help protect and conserve the world’s most beloved animal in Eastern Europe’s largest bear sanctuary. These abused bears have been given a new start in life and you can play a vital part in their rehabilitation. Enjoy seeing the bears frolic in their newfound freedom, and get busy taking care of their basic needs in this tranquil haven.

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Romania - Medical Internship in Romania

Medical Internship in Romania

Gain valuable medical experience working with a mobile medical unit, travelling around homes in and around Brasov city. Work closely with the nurses visiting patients for basic health check-ups, wound dressings and general health care.

Opportunities also exist working in a children’s hospital in the centre of Brasov. Here you will work closely with children on a ward, helping with play therapy and basic care.

This is a fantastic opportunity to see medical work in action and gain genuine medicine work experience – as well as gaining an insight into traditional Romanian life.

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Australia - Conservation Volunteering in Australia

Conservation Volunteering in Australia

Step off the well beaten tourist track and into the heart of some of Australia’s most beautiful land and sea scapes. Immerse yourself in this rewarding volunteer programme to preserve some of Australia’s natural wonders – from some of the worlds most beautiful beaches to the wildlife wonder of the Tasmanian Devil.

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Romania - Volunteer with Children in Romania

Volunteer with Children in Romania

Give love, laughter and lessons to some of Romania’s abandoned and sick children. Bring your smiles and enthusiasm into hospitals and children’s homes, and make a life changing impact as a volunteer with these adorable kids.

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South Africa - Veterinary experience in South Africa

Veterinary experience in South Africa

Immerse yourself in the life of a vet on a Big 5 game reserve, shadowing a vet and other wildlife specialists getting hands-on in basic care. Get to grips with checking on the health and well being of the animals, all whilst living in the heart of a lush reserve home to hundreds of species of animals. This experience is fantastic for those looking to learn more about living and working on a game reserve in a veterinary capacity.

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Make your summer holiday count!

Why not use the mini gap between the end of school and start of university or college productively? Oyster offer a huge range of short term volunteering programmes abroad.  Take part in a worthy cause such as animal or wildlife conservation projects on several continents around the world. Enhance your C.V. by teaching in Tanzania, or obtain unique medical work experience volunteering in a Romanian hospital.  If you are planning to take a course that involves many years of study, or one that doesn’t accommodate a full year of time out, then this may be a great option for you. Use this time to create an amazing experience and travel somewhere in the world that you may never get the chance to visit again!